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Adele Slays At The Grammys

  • Feb 13 , 2017

I’ve been told that The Weeknd has bought Selena Gomez some jewelry for Valentine's Day. Actually to be exact, he bought his mom as well as Selena some jewelry.  All the special women in his life are getting some bling tomorrow.  My source says The Weeknd believes he hit the jackpot with Selena. 

Drake raised several eyebrows after a video surfaced of the rapper telling a concertgoer to remover her “scarf.”  It was later said that the fan was wearing a hijab. Drake has since responded to the backlash saying, “I make a point every night to end my shows on a time of unity and love so, to find out that I am being utilized in a fake media story about me disrespecting Muslims is devastating to me.  Then he went on to explain exactly what happened saying, “I was talking to 4 women one of whom was wearing a jacket and a winter scarf, I made a comment about taking off the scarf because I enjoy a friendly banter with the fans. I am well aware of what a hijab is and I would never make a disrespectful comment like that in my life towards someone who is wearing one. I am proud that my closest friends and fans come from all different religions and races, perhaps whoever made up this story should spend more time learning about other cultures and less time trying to divide us.”
Saturday Night Live earned its highest ratings in six years this weekend, thanks to the return of Melissa McCarthy as Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Alec Baldwin as President Donald Trump. They are on a roll!  
It appears that Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star Mama June has dropped down to a size four after weighing a whopping 351 pounds.  Of course she did it for a new reality show called,  Mama June: From Not to Hot. The preview for the show promises that through surgery, dieting and intense workouts, the mother of four undergoes "the most shocking transformation in reality TV history." It debuts on Friday, February 24.
The Grammys were on last night… and there was a lot of awesomeness that came from it… but there were also a couple of major glitches.  
The first one happened during Adele’s tribute to George Michael.  She was singing his '90s hit "Fastlove", but it wasn't going too well, so she stopped.  She said, "I [effed] up, I can't do it again like last year . . . I can't mess this up for him."
Then she started over, and pretty much nailed it.  
Adele had sound issues at last year's Grammys, too.  And when she went on "Ellen" after the show, she said the next time that happened, she would stop and start over.
Then there was the much-hyped Metallica/Lady Gaga duet . . . which should have rocked.  And it did, except for one thing:  James Hetfield’s microphone didn't work for the first few minutes.
He and Gaga were supposed to be trading verses, but his audio was non-existent.  So it came off really bad until they fixed it.  
After it was over, James was so pissed, he threw his guitar offstage.  
Another performance that had everyone talking was Beyoncé doing "Love Drought" and "Sandcastles".  Although if you boil it down, it really wasn't much of a performance.
There was a lot of pre-recorded video and spoken word stuff, and a little singing.  But she was dressed like a goddess and everyone lost their minds.  
 As for the awards, it's a good thing Kanye West wasn't there, because Adele went five for five, beating Beyoncé in several categories, including Album, Record and Song of the year, and Best Pop Solo Performance.  She also became the only artist to sweep the album, record, and song categories twice.
David Bowie won all four Grammys he was up for, and Chance The Rapper won Best New Artist.  
That was fast! Amber Rose indulged in red-carpet PDA with her ex-husband Wiz Khalifa after splitting from her boyfriend of five months, Val Chmerokovskiy.
Wiz and Amber were spotted kissing for the cameras before Clive Davis' pre-Gammy Gala. 
Amber and Wiz got married in July of 2013 and split in September of 2014. The pair share a son named Sebastian, 4.
Like many Hollywood exes, they seemed to be on relatively good terms. Wiz told Playboy in June of 2016 of his marriage: "It was cool. It was fun. I learned a lot. Things that would've taken me much longer to learn, I learned in a short period of time. I feel like I'll probably get married again when I'm in my 50s."
Amber and Dancing With the Stars pro Val dated for five months. Val posted a cryptic tweet on Friday that fueled their breakup rumors, writing: "If you're ready, it's too late."
Mischa Barton was involved in an accident Saturday night, crashing a U-Haul truck into an apartment building. Mischa moved out of her West Hollywood apartment on Wednesday and was driving to another building in the area. She miscalculated the height of the carport and drove the moving truck into the top support beam.
When Mischa got out of the truck she was visibly upset and was caught on tape saying, “Everything I own is in this U-Haul,” sounds The O.C. actress has fallen on some rough times.
The crash comes just weeks after Mischa voluntarily admitted herself to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after she was allegedly drugged while celebrating her 31st birthday with friends on January 25th. 


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