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The New HOT 89.9 Presents The New Normal

We are extremely proud to announce that Serena has been awarded $40,000 to assist in her transition process.

For the full interview with Serena, CLICK HERE

Update: Serena sent us a touching note; you can view it HERE.

In an interview prior to being awarded the funding, Serena spoke of how the money would help her. “I’ve been waiting for twenty months with CAMH (Centre for Addiction & Mental Health), and it’s difficult because all I can see is that I’ll get interviewed, then I’ll wait another ten months to get my second interview, and then wait even longer before I actually go see the doctor.” She said she would use remaining money to assist with regular life as well.

“The reality is an individual awaiting gender reassignment surgery may have to wait up to two years to get their procedures covered by OHIP,” explains Mauler, “There are hundreds of people currently waitlisted in Ontario, and an untold number more who haven’t even bothered due to the wait.”

The New Normal is all about accepting everyone. This is what the new normal should be. Acceptance for all - period. 

Let's show our families, our friends, and our neighbours what The New Normal looks like in our community.

Everyone should be able to live the life they were born to live.

The New Normal. The New HOT 89.9.



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